Get to know us...

Poshaq Design Studio is a size inclusive brand that focuses on curating and designing beautifully crafted, well-fitted, and trendy clothing for all women.                                                                                                                                        
Hello, my Name is Neha. I am the owner and founder of Poshaq Design Studio. First and is my and my team's absolute pleasure to serve you. We take immense pride and make it our personal mission to bring you quality pieces with your requirements in mind, whether it be sizing, fashion trends, or both.       
My journey started after years of struggle trying to find latest fashion in my required sizes. It seemed like folks weren't willing to make sizes above a certain number (so to speak). Or, even if I found my size clothing, they were either outdated styles or the quality was just subpar and not to mention the added cost because of a slight bigger size. After coming home disappointed one too many times, I thought to myself..."there must be other women out there like myself struggling to find good quality, in-trend outfits at an affordable price." And as they say rest is 'her'story (history)! I set on a path to help women like you and me stay trendy, and feel confident, one article at a time. 
Lets talk about the brand:
Why the name Poshaq? The etymology of the term "Poshaq" or "Poshak" is from classical Persian and Urdu, literally meaning "Clothing or Attire". The derivation from Sanskrit changes the definition to one who maintains/supports - the one who nourishes and feeds. By both definitions, this name keeps us close to our heritage and this is something we definitely wanted to incorporate in our brand name.
Why did I choose a Peacock? Because of its grace, elegance, and because it is royalty. The three things my team and I like to incorporate in our designs and collections for you. Why did I choose the color Royal Blue? Because Royal Blue has regal association thanks to it's historical relationships. It denotes trust and confidence. Besides, its my favorite color.                                          
Both the bird and the color chosen for the brand signify two things:
  1. your trust that you instill upon my brand with your shopping experience
  2. the confidence you display wearing beautifully crafted and curated collection which meet your style and size requirement.

I am excited that you have chosen Poshaq Design Studio to style your next ensemble, whether it be for a grand occasion or a casual affair.

We do offer custom sizing and preorder sizing option, depending on availability. Send us a message via Contact us page to inquire about this option. We look forward to serving you in the very near future.   

Thank you!